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    Who We Are

    Here at GoGo Gadgets Repair, we live, breathe and sleep Gadgets and Gizmos. We are obsessed about them and are hardcore enthusiasts of the latest devices including cell phones, gaming consoles computers, laptops, TV’s and everything in between. Tech is our first love, and we love discovering how devices work, and why they stop working. We do not claim to know-it-all, but we have the expertise to work on mostly anything competently.

    Stay Humble

    Never Stop Learning

    Every gadget we work on is a learning experience. We are always trying to become better at what we do by following tech magazines, other experts, and forums that bring on new techniques and skills. We do not have all the answers, but we will try to answer as many as we can.

    Why Us?

    Our Mission

    GoGo Gadgets Repair is the foremost cell phone and computer repair shop in Upper Tampa bay area. It is our mission to provide professional repair expertise for people in our community to keep getting maximum value from their gadgets and devices.

    Care for People

    Tech is great, but people are greater.

    We love and respect technology, but it is meaningless if it can’t be of value to people. We care about our customers getting the maximum value from their gadgets. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.

    Work with Passion

    We love fixing things

    Our love for everything tech is genuine. We back it up with a can-do attitude. Our passion is felt in every gadget that we work on. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority and we strive to achieve it for every customer who walks into GoGo Gadgets Repair.

    Broken Phone Repair

    We are the one of top cell phone and computer repair shops in the central Florida area! Our professional electronics experts have a combined experience of more than 15 years working on all kinds of gadgets and devices.

    We are specialists in repairing cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles, TVs and almost any other type of electronics. We work on all major brands like LG, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Toshiba and so on.

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    What We Do

    GoGo Gadgets Repair is a professional repair shop for different electronic devices. We work on all kinds of electronic devices with all kinds of damage (drops, breaks, water damage, or even run over by a car). We know how frustrating it is when your cell phone/device is not working, yet you have important day-to-day tasks to accomplish. We also know that some of these devices contain some of the most important information to us.  So it our duty to do our best for each and every customer that enters into our repair shop.

    Why We Do It

    We love tech and we also recognize the important role that different gadgets play in people’s lives. Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are above all. It is our joy to observe the change when a worried customer comes in with a damaged device and the relief on their faces when their precious devices start working again. We also love the challenge that every damaged device presents. Every device we work on adds to our repertoire of skills.