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    Q: If my device is damaged in more than one way, will you offer repair bundles?

    A: Our goal when working on every device is to make sure it is functional again, which means working on all aspects of your device. Yes we also offer discounts for multiple repairs.

    Q: I tried to fix my iPhone but was not able to fix it completely. Can I bring it to you to finish the repairs?

    A: We are happy to work on any gadget, whether damaged or partially assembled. Kindly check out your nearest location on the Store Locator. Bring your device in and our technicians will look at it. We will give you a quote before finishing what you started.

    Q: Do you repair other phone brands apart from iPhone?

    A: We sure do. We work on Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and other foreign brands. Give us a call or visit us for more information.

    Q: Do you repair Apple products?

    A: Yes. We get many faulty or damaged iPhone, iPad, iMacs and iPod. Talk to one of our representatives to discuss your problem or visit us.

    Q: Do you offer warranty on repairs?

    A: We offer a 90-day warranty on parts and repairs. We offer the highest quality parts only and have a lot of confidence in our technicians.  That is why we are comfortable offering this warranty. If your device is faulty again in those 90 days, we will be happy to repair it for free. This warranty does not cover water damage or physical damage that happens after we repair the device.


    Q: I dropped my phone and now the touch screen is not responding. Will glass repair service solve this?

    A: Typically yes because when we replace the screen we replace the whole LCD assembly unless otherwise specified. This is because the digitizer is crucial in touch functionality. If the glass is damaged, we will also do a glass only replacement if necessary.

    Q: Does my device need LCD repair or not?

    A: LCD repair is needed when the screen is bleeding, showing white only, or has dead pixels where it remains blank. If any of this is the case, the gadget will need the LCD & glass repaired because the LCD is usually damaged beyond repair.

    Q: My Iphone’s screen is shattered and chipping off. What repair service is needed?

    A: You will need to replace the entire LCD assembly.

    Q: Is there warranty on screen repair services?

    A: We offer a 90-day guarantee on the replaced screen. We will replace the screen free of charge if it is faulty after the repair. This will not cover any physical damage that happens after the repair.


    Q: Do you offer Apple or OEM parts?

    A: Apple is a design and engineering company. It outsources manufacturing of the parts to other companies in china, where the iPhone is also assembled. Our parts come from vendors that use the same engineering processes. Our parts are not from ‘Apple’ the company but from manufacturers of these parts.


    Q: Is sensor replacement included in your water damage repair service?

    A: No. Water damage repair extends to replacing all parts that are needed to get the device functional again. Unfortunately, we dot replace the sensor if it is not needed to make the device functional.

    Q: Is replacing the logic board part of water damage repair service?

    A: No.  The logic board for many devices is too costly to replace. If we believe that the logic board is damaged beyond repair, we will refund you.

    Q: My phone has been damaged by liquid that is not water. Can you repair it?

    A: Yes, we can. We get phones that have been dropped in car oil, cooking oil, and even salt water. Many people believe that a phone that has been dropped in salt water is beyond repair because of the corrosiveness, but there is still a good chance for repair in many cases. Bring the device to us and let us assess the damage professionally.

    Q: What do I do after dropping my phone in water or any other liquid?

    A: Turn off the phone if it is still on. Do not try to turn on the phone as it can short circuit. Locate our nearest location and turn in the device. The sooner we get the device, the higher the chances there are for repairing it successfully.

    Q: My phone dropped in water. Should I try to dry it out or do I bring it in for repair?

    A: One common mistake many people do is drying out their phones and assuming everything is fine when the phone starts working again. The biggest danger is the moisture that remains in the phone, as it causes gradual corrosion damage to the logic board and other parts, which will eventually make the phone fail. Bring in your device for professional service after it drops in water, even if you think it is working fine.

    Q: How long will you take to repair my water damaged phone?

    A: It depends on the extent of the damage, especially to the logic board. Our technicians generally complete the repair in 24-72 hours.

    Q: What happens in case you are unable to repair my water damaged phone?

    A: We will refund you fully and return your gadget. If you do not want the damaged gadget back, kindly inform us and we will put it into our recycling program.

    Q: Is there warranty on water damage repair service?

    A: Unfortunately not on water damaged devices because there are unforeseen issues that can arise from the water damage that was not detectable upon the initial diagnosis.


    Q: Where can I bring my device for repair?

    A: We currently have 3 locations in Tampa bay, which are Lutz/Land O’ Lakes, Trinity & Zephyrhills. Use the Location locator for directions.

    Q: Can I wait as you repair my gadget?

    A: Most repairs take less than 30 minutes. Water damage repair takes longer, 24-72 hours.

    Q: Are the prices offered online the same in your stores?

    A: Yes. Prices remain the same.

    Q: Do I need an appointment to come into your shop?

    A: No. All our shops are open to walk in any time during operation hours.